Raincoast and Eco-Libris: Buy a book, plant a tree

This is a great idea: a green campaign to get a tree planted for every book bought from certain book selling partners.

Eco-Libris is an organization working to balance the purchase of books with the planting of trees that will replace those cut down to make the paper for the books. If you visit their site, you’ll see a streaming feed of news about different projects they’re getting involved in, in partnership with groups as diverse as the Chicago Bulls, Barefoot Books, and individual authors.

This year, as Eco-Libris describes on its blog, for the second year in a row Canada’s Raincoast Books is working in partnership with them on the “Buy a Book, Plant a Tree” program.

Raincoast has been going greener and greener over the years; for example, as the Canadian publisher of the Harry Potter books, they did the last couple of books in an ecologically-responsible way. This year, for the “Plant a Tree” program, they’ve signed up many Canadian retailers in three provinces, who will sell environmentally themed books starting this month. (You can see a complete list of the retailers on this page of Raincoast’s website.)

All the books will carry an Eco-Libris sticker that certify that a tree will be planted for them.

If you’re in British Columbia, Ontario, or Nova Scotia, you can take advantage of this program, so have a look at the retailers’ list, and head out to support it.

(By the way — at the time of writing this, Raincoast’s website is down, but they sent me a Tweet saying it should be fixed soon. So keep trying!)


    1. raz godelnik says:


      You’ve got a great blog.

      Thanks for the mention!

      Raz @ Eco-Libris

      • Phyl says:

        Aw, you’re very welcome. I really liked the idea of what you guys are doing, so I was bouncing when I got to write about it. Good luck!

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