1000 Fonts: I want this book!

This is just too lovely, and shows what a bookish geek I am.

1000 Fonts, published by Chronicle Books, Edited by Bob Gordon with text by Graham Davis, Robin Dodd, and Keith Martin, is just what it sounds like: a book that shows the complete alphabet and numerals in 1000 different fonts. It’s supposed to be able to help you select just the right font for whatever project you may be doing.

I think I’d just be going through it, dreamily looking at them all, probably itching to dig out one of my old calligraphy pens to see if I could do them myself. I’d undoubtedly get as distracted as I do when I go looking up a word in the dictionary. Whether I’d ever actually get to the point of choosing a font might be a matter of doubt, however.

How I love that there are books like this in the world.

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