Oh, for gods’ sake, Amazon…!


You know, I don’t even go looking for this stuff about Amazon, but it just seems to be busting out all over, lately. I keep thinking, as I watch this sort of thing happening more and more, “Who do they think they are — General Motors??” (Meaning, of course, the old General Motors before the supposedly new and improved GM.)

See Brier Dudley’s blog, in the Business/Technology Section of the Seattle Times: “Amazon Sued for Cracking Kindles, $5-plus million sought in class action.”

It would appear that the covers bought for the purpose of protecting the new Kindles from Amazon have a bad cracking problem. And often these cracks actually cause damage to the Kindle itself, rather than protecting it.

And what happens when customers complain? Customers get told that they have to pay another $200 either for repair or replacement. Of the thing that was supposed to protect the Kindle. Which damaged it instead.

So Matthew Geise of Seattle has launched a class action lawsuit, filed yesterday. According to Geise’s attorney, Beth Terrell, Amazon started with a policy of automatically replacing cracked Kindles, but has now changed it to charging customers for the repairs or replacements instead.

Way cool business practice, huh? Charge the customers an arm and a leg for a crappy product, and then charge them again when your product doesn’t last three months!

And as of yesterday, at least, according to Dudley, “Several Amazon representatives did not respond to repeated calls and e-mails seeking comment.”

Gosh. Sound familiar??


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