What my bookish pals are up to this week

A nice cup of tea as we browse

A nice cup of tea as we browse

And it’s a nice quiet Sunday again. Time to have a little browse, and find out what our Bookish friends have been doing in the last few days.

For starters — and before I go backwards alphabetically through my blogroll — Flit at Flitting Through Canadian Fiction could use some help if you know anyone in the 18-25 age group, male, preferably Canadian but not necessarily — who is on Facebook and uses the weRead, Shelfari, or other book application there. For her research on emerging adults and their reading, she needs a wide sampling of books in their collections. If you know of anybody, go visit her blog and leave a comment.

Stacy at Stacy’s Bookblog just finished the “Southern Challenge,” where she had to read three books set in the American south in three months (she did it in two). That sounds like a good idea, like the Canadian book challenge I’ve joined (and must remember to do!!). It’s a good thing to read in areas you haven’t read much before, not just books set in parts of the world you haven’t read about, but also parts of your own country. So congratulations, Stacy!

At Puss Reboots, Sarah continues her “book a day” reviews. On Twitter recently, I confirmed that she does indeed read a book a day, which makes me weep. Sometimes I can barely manage a book a week, and a month where I’ve recorded six finished books is a good month. An interesting post from the last few days, though, is from the Weekly Geeks challenge this week, asking people their favourite, or best, movie adaptations of books. Hm…I could certainly make a list of those. Must try.

And coming back to the Canadian Book Challenge, Melanie at The Indextrious Reader has done her first book, set in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, in Canada. This alone would make it interesting, because there aren’t a lot of books set in that province or town. Even more intriguing to me, Melanie points back at an article in the Library Journal about books that are “bibliocentric:” that is, they take place in libraries or other book settings, or with characters who are in love with books. Melanie makes her own list of such books. Another one to try, perhaps.

Carrie S. at Dark Novels is branching out. She’s still blogging about her lovely dark novels, but has also become a Pure Romance products salesperson, and has started another blog (Carrie’s Romance Tips and Products) to promote those products. If you’re over 18, go have a look.

At Book Bird Dog, Harvee reviews a “fen shui-interior decorating mystery,” which makes my eyebrows raise before I even get to the review. Have you noticed there are a lot of renovation and decorating mysteries lately? I was astonished, the last time I was at the library. But I digress. Harvee also engaged in the “I Cannot Tell a Lie” meme, where you tell seven whoppers about yourself (based, it seems, on the Seven Deadly Sins), and anyone who comments is automatically tagged to do the same. I haven’t commented, but…

Meanwhile, Nicola at Alpha Heroes does something hilarious: on Thursday she took a blogging break, and instead posted her “Thursday Thirteen” of hilarious YouTube videos some of her friends had posted at YouTube. I’m just going down the list now, and just seeing the “Mahna Mahna” title of the one at the top of the list, I am seriously earwormed! *shakes fist at Nicola* Ah, the hours my brothers and I tormented each other with that tune! (And I’ll never forget when my brother was driving through various U.S. states on a vacation, and he sent me a postcard from Menomonie, Wisconsin, and on the back of the postcard, all he had written was “Menomonie, do doo do doodoo, Menomonie, do doodoo do!” Etc. etc. Hilarious times. Thanks for the reminder, Nicola!

And that’s my sort-of-quick sweep through some of my bookish friends’ blogs today. I’m going to try to add two or three new blogs to my blogroll (and perhaps reduce the font size!) this week, and catch up on some comments, awards and stuff, but for now, this is it. (And once the blogroll gets longer, I may have to start doing every second name or something; we’ll see)

I hope you all have a very good week!

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