Teaser Tuesday: “I Say a Little Prayer” by E. Lynn Harris

teasertuesdays2I can’t believe I’m finally managing a Tuesday Teaser again after how many weeks? Sheesh. But you’ll see that when I said I should really read some of E. Lynn Harris after I’d heard that he’d died, I meant it.

You know the drill. You grab your current read, let it fall open, and post two sentences from that page, that don’t give anything away to potential readers. And you post the book, the author, and the page, so that if people do want to check it out, they know where to go.

This meme is hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading (which I haven’t had a chance to visit in weeks, *sob*). So here goes:

These are very serious charges that you are alleging against a man who could be elected U.S. senator within the next twenty-four hours and tip the scales as to who controls the Senate. The repercussions could be far-reaching.

I Say a Little Prayer, E. Lynn Harris, p. 3

There we go, at last! That’s from the very beginning of the book, and reading along to find out just who is meant, who is making the allegations, and how they arose, is making the book very interesting.

Okay! Got any of your own?


    1. Natalie says:

      Sounds like an exciting read! Great teaser.

    2. Marie Burton says:

      A mystery thriller? Cool!
      don’t forget to update your booksellers links as Book depository now also has a USA site, still FREEEEE Shipping! WEEEEEEEEE
      And yes,(from your comment on my Teaser) Austen is truly brilliant and absolutely amazin how much info she packs into one sentence!

      • Phyl says:

        Heehee! Well, since I’m in Canada, it doesn’t make much difference to me whether Book Depository is in the UK or US — they’re both foreign to me. But maybe I should change it anyway, unless I want to be loyal to the Queen or something. Ha!

    3. Your pick looks interesting! I’ve got a couple of good teasers this week. Here’s a link.

    4. kiirstin says:

      I am thinking I should read something by Harris too, and this one sounds like a good place to start. Will you review it? I’m interested to hear what you think!

      • Phyl says:

        Yes, I’m hoping to review it, fairly soon. Of course, I’m about three books behind in reviews I should have done already, so who knows when?? Heh.

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    6. kaye says:

      I just wonder how can dis-honest people run the government. Sounds intriguing. Thanks for stopping by today.

      • Phyl says:

        I always like visiting your blog, even though I don’t get as many chances lately as I used to. I hope I can manage it more often! Thanks for peeking in!

    7. TexasRed says:

      Oohhh… very interesting!

    8. Ooh! that is a good teaser!

    9. Mandy says:

      Good choice, dramatic and mysterious. My Tuesday Teaser is in my link. 🙂

    10. Stacy says:

      I’ve never read Harris, but this clip is not what I expected.

      • Phyl says:

        It both does and doesn’t fit the rest of the book. In a way, it’s actually the end of the book, coming in the Prologue. So you read the book to see just what he’s doing, trying to decide if he’s really going to go on Larry King to make his accusation, when they’re asking him not to have his face covered as they originally agreed. The book starts a bit slowly, but it picks up and you eventually see what’s leading him to that decisive moment.

    11. lisa-marie says:

      Oohh, very mysterious! Thanks for visiting me!

    12. Anonymous says:

      Good teaser, but wow, is that first sentence long. I’d be hard pressed not to want to chop that up a little.

    13. Michael says:

      Whoops, that was me, Phyl, leaving the above comment – forgot to include my details.

      • Phyl says:

        Hee! I do that too, occasionally, Michael. I’m not sure I think the first sentence is too long, but as an isolated teaser it might be that way.

    14. Staci says:

      Excellent teaser…I’m intimidated!! 🙂

      • Phyl says:

        Hee! Though the real goal, I guess, is to tease people into wanting to read the book. Maybe I could have chosen a different one for that goal, ha!

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