Tuesday Teaser – “The Burning Girl” by Mark Billingham

teasertuesdays2It’s Tuesday again, and time for the Tuesday Teaser! I’m still on my crime fiction/suspense/thriller binge, and I’ve picked up a new author this week, to see what I think.

The Tuesday Teaser is a meme hosted by MizB on the Should Be Reading blog.

The procedure is, as always, to grab the book you’re currently reading, and let it fall open to a (more or less) random page. Take two sentences from that page and post them as your teaser. (Though many people have started expanding this to two paragraphs, or more than two sentences, and I’ve been as guilty as anyone of this. But I’ve decided to try going back to the original meme as much as possible.)

Also — no spoilers. Nothing to give away an important plot point, in case someone else wants to read the book, based on your Teaser.

So here is today’s offering:

“You can be sure. I set fire to that girl.”

The Burning Girl by Mark Billingham, p. 35

Intrigued?? I’m quite enjoying the book so far, and I’ll be doing a review when I’m done. So I’ll let you know what I think afterwards.

Meanwhile, you can post your own Teaser at the Should Be Reading blog, and feel free to leave it here too if you like.


    1. Wow! Looks GOOD! You can check out mine here.

    2. Margot says:

      Yes, I am intrigued. I can’t figure out if this is a horrid crime novel, a romance or the latest headline. I know, I’ll have to come back for the review. Good one.

    3. JLS Hall says:

      Whoa! That is indeed a teaser! Sounds like a good, scary book.

    4. Phyl says:

      Some weeks’ teasers really tease with a vengeance, eh?

    5. Katie says:

      I really like that teaser. Short, but really makes you curious. Perfect!

    6. FleurFisher says:

      Yes, I am intrigued!

    7. JoAnn says:

      Wow – that teaser got my attention! I’ll be curious to see what it’s all about.

    8. Celia says:

      Setting fire to someone…that has two connotations that I can think of, and one’s good, and one’s BAD. What a teaser! Great choice! Thanks for coming by my blog…

    9. Staci says:

      That’s pretty brazen….did he really????? I’m teased!!!

    10. kaye says:

      very interesting teaser–she must be hot 🙂 thanks for stopping by

    11. TexasRed says:

      Wow – definitely provocative!

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