Tuesday Teaser: “The Burning Girl” by Mark Billingham

teasertuesdays2Hallo, Tuesday Teaser people! It’s that time again. Sorry I’m so swamped that I’m behind in my blog posting. *sob* I’ll try to get here more frequently if humanly possible.

Meanwhile, Tuesday. This meme, as ever, is hosted by MizB on the Should Be Reading blog, so head over there and find others’ teasers as well, and leave your own. (And feel free to leave a link here.)  My Teaser this week is from the same book as last week (like I said, I’ve been swamped).

Remember the procedure: grab your current book and let it fall open to a random page. Pull two sentences off that page and post them as a teaser, including the book title and the page number for anyone who wants to go read the context.

And no spoiling the story by revealing too much of the plot! So here’s mine today:

“I wasn’t exactly stone-cold sober myself at four o’clock this morning,” Thorne said. “Given what was down by that canal, it was probably a good thing…”

The Burning Girl, by Mark Billingham, p. 123

Just a little tantalizing tidbit. 🙂

Hope you’re having a great reading week!


    1. Margot says:

      Okay, let me guess. He was glad he was drunk because he found a burning girl down by the canal? Something worse? Your teaser has me guessing.

      • Phyl says:

        heeheehee! Hello there — you got here before I’d even made the rounds of my favorite Teaser blogs!

        That’s as good a guess as any. 🙂

    2. Allison says:

      Ooh – great teaser!

    3. JLS Hall says:

      You’re right – that really is a “tantalizing tidbit.” Sounds pretty chilling. And it also sounds like something that probably belongs on my TBR list. Thanks for the great teaser!

    4. kaye says:

      hmmm. . . I wonder what was by that canal? thanks for stopping by

    5. Bryan Terry says:

      That’s a really good one. As you know already, mine is HERE

    6. Marie B says:

      Sounds like something freaky over by that canal!

    7. Ryan says:

      Great Teaser, thanks for stopping by!

    8. Rochelle says:

      I love Teasers that make me say “oh man, I *definitely* have to get my hands on that book! Great Teaser!

    9. kiirstin says:

      Niiiice teaser. I think I am going to have to have a look at this one.

    10. Stacy says:

      Love it. There are some mornings that could benefit from not being stone cold sober!

    11. Tiina says:

      Intriguing… Oh my, now I cannot stop wondering what it was that he found in the canal! 🙂
      Thanks for visiting my blog!


    12. Michael says:

      I’m sure I read another teaser for this same book – looks like

    13. Michael says:

      right, comment chopped off on me there. As I was was saying, looks like there’s some bad stuff going on.

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