Manga promotes wine in a big way

A friend on Facebook linked to this newspaper article today: Manga manna for wine-grower. It’s about a Korean manga series, The Drops of God, that promotes the virtues of particular wines.

The whole plot of the manga revolves around two characters, Shizuku Kanzaki, the son of a famous wine critic, and his adoptive sommelier brother, Issey Tomine. Kanzaki’s father has died and in his will has left descriptions of twelve different wines that he considers the “Twelve Apostles. A thirteenth wine he calls the “Drops of God,” and he pits the two young men against each other in a contest to find all of these wines and thereby inherit the deceased father’s entire wine collection.

Previous issues talked about French wines, and now it seems that the latest wine taken up by the manga is The Laughing Magpie shiraz viognier from South Australian winemaker D’Arry Osborn, as described in the news article. And each time one of these wines is discussed in the manga, sales of that wine skyrocket both in Japan and throughout Asia.

The manga is created by a brother-sister team, Yuko and Shin Kibayashi, who write under the join name, “Tadashi Agi.” They don’t get any sponsorship from anyone, and all the wine choices in the manga are based on their own tastes and research.

The Baeutiful Youthful Joyful Journal (don’t you love that name?) has a much more detailed description of the story of the manga, and what’s happening in connection with it, taken from a Reuters article.

I love this idea so much! I may have to start nagging VIZ Media, the big manga distributor in North America, to get this thing translated into English and bring it here!

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    1. kiirstin says:

      Wow. I would totally enjoy that if I could find it in English! What a cool concept.

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