Tuesday Teaser – Suddenly, by Bonnie Burnard

teasertuesdays2Time again for the Tuesday Teaser! This one’s rather grim, I’m afraid, because the book itself is grim as well.

But you know the usual drill. Take the book you’re currently reading and let it fall open more or less to a random page. Choose two sentences from that page, and post them as a teaser, to tantalize your readers into wanting to read the book.

However, do not post spoilers, that is, things that might give away too much about the plot.

So here is my teaser today:

Looking beyond the thin-blood bruising and the jagged scars and the absence of healthy breasts, Colleen and Jude both recognize the mottled shading of their own skin. But the thin legs look long, look wrong, and that narrow waist, which is now a stomach filled with soup and grapes and lemon pound cake, rises from her body with distended pleasure or discomfort or both.

Suddenly, by Bonnie Burnard – page 60

Now, be sure to drop in on the Should be Reading blog, where MizB hosts the Teaser meme each week, and leave your own teaser there. Have a good week of reading!


    1. JLS Hall says:

      What a teaser! Sounds pretty frightening, but I’d love to know more about what’s going on.

    2. Bumbles says:

      That is pretty gruesome sounding. I tried to look the title up on Goodreads but it is so new no one has posted any reviews on it yet. Is this part of a series?

      • Phyl says:

        No, this is a standalone novel. It’s just come out, so the reviews are only just getting started. I got it as a review copy from the publisher, so I’ll be one of them, and I’ll try to remember to post my review both on Goodreads and Library Thing.

    3. Ryan says:

      Wow, I’m not even sure what to say. Aweseome teaser. I have an award for you as well: http://wordsmithonia.blogspot.com/2009/09/award-time-part-1.html

    4. Bryan Terry says:

      Now, that’s a teaser-and-a-half!

      Mine’s HERE

    5. I wish I knew what was going on with this teaser. It allows the imagination to run wild!

    6. That actually sounds a lot like my body – wish I were kidding! But you’d have to add pressure sores and a crooked spine.

      All in all, I may have to give up on being a sex symbol…

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