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You may have noticed that I haven’t been able to do my Sunday morning browse through my blogroll in recent months. Life has just been too packed with STUFF, unfortunately. I may see if I can do a couple peeks at a time every day or two, rather than end up spending the 2 or more hours on Sunday doing it. It was meant as something I could do quickly, and yet promote the blogs I’m linked to,  but alas, turned into something more time-consuming. I’ll see how I can tweak the practice.

But in the meantime! Doing a genuine, more leisurely browse today just by entering “book blogs” into Google and seeing what comes up. And there are some interesting tidbits.

For example, Bill Clinton’s reading list from this past August. I found it on Quill & Quire, Canada’s big publishing and literary magazine, but it was originally posted on the LA Times’ Jacket Copy blog, after Mr. Clinton wrote to them. Always fascinating to see what a really intelligent person is reading.

Then there’s Cake Wrecks. You must have seen this brilliant blog by now, surely? And enjoyed – with delicious horror – some of the cake decorating debacles pictured there? Well now you’re in for an even greater treat: Cake Wrecks. First the blog, now the book.  That’s right – Jen Yates, the proprietor of the Cake Wrecks blog has produced a book featuring some of the…well, can you really say “best”?…cake wrecks out there. Can’t wait to see it! All that gooey horror in one place!

So, those are a couple of quick tidbits from the book world this week. I’ll try to do more over the next few days, and get this thing running properly again. We’ll see if Life will allow it.

Meanwhile — happy reading! And if you’re a writer, remember, NaNoWriMo is in 13 days! Eeeek!


    1. kiirstin says:

      Phyl, nice to see you! I’ve been missing your tweets and your posts (although I have also been busy, and worried that I have missed you). I’m starting to get pumped for NaNo, with an idea in my head that I think is The One, but last time I thought I had an idea that was The One I threw it to the winds the day of and ended up working on something completely different. Which worked out very well, even if it was totally unplanned. So… who knows?

      • Phyl says:

        Ha! That’s what makes it so fun. You just never know what’s going to happen. Good luck with the NaNo, whichever direction it goes! Are you signed up on the NaNo site itself? (I’m Phyl over there.)

    2. kiirstin says:

      I am! I am kiirstin there, for simplicity’s sake.

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