World Religion Reading Challenge for 2010

I really, really like this! J.T. Oldfield, at the Bibliofreak blog, has started up a reading challenge for 2010, and has created a new blog to follow it.

It’s called the World Religion Challenge, and it’s for the purpose of reading about the various religions. This can be non-fiction books, novels, poetry, actual religious texts, whatever relates. But that’s so broad that to help narrow it down, the challenge has been divided into four different Paths (sounds kind of Buddhist, huh, though according to the original post it’s also Taoist), and people can specialize a bit.

To see the detailed descriptions of the paths, see the post, Welcome to the World Religion Challenge! But these are the routes you can take:

  1. Bare Bones Path: the “Big Three” proselytizing religions, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam.
  2. Penthouse Path: the “Five Biggies,” Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.
  3. Universalist Path: the “Five Biggies” plus any other religions.
  4. Unshepherded Path: any religions you want.

I really think I’m going to try this, though I haven’t done all that well with the Canadian books challenge I was going to try this year. But this one is right up my alley, considering my degrees and all. And I have shelves stuffed with books relating to the subject.

In fact, considering my bookcases, I’m probably made for Path #4.

So yes, I’m going to try it. Anyone else up for this? We’re supposed to sign up at that blog, and start making a list of our books.

(And! They’ve already devised some cool challenge buttons. Woo!)


    1. Welcome to the challenge! I can’t wait to see what you pick!

    2. Aubrey Roberts says:

      the religion of my grandfather is Hinduism and he says that it is a great religion.

    3. Luke Turner says:

      hinduism is a very interesting religion in my opinion'”`

    4. Carpet Tiles ` says:

      Hinduism is also a religion of peace and it is also full of wisdom just like any other religion-“‘

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