Minds Alive on the Shelves new location!

One of the friends in my blogroll is Lisa, from Minds Alive on the Shelves. And I’m very happy to announce that she is moving her blog to a new location, which I’ve linked to both here and in the margin.

Lisa does a lot of reading, since she travels so much, and writes really insightful and interesting book reviews, as well as participating in other book events. (She’s passed a book or a review opportunity on to me also, now and then.) I get a lot of great ideas for what I want to read, by keeping up with her. And on top of that, she writes book reviews for the cultural website, When Falls the Coliseum. Busy person!

The new site has a snazzy design, and I insist that you run over there immediately, because if you’re a bookish person at all, the rotating header photos alone will make you swoon! Different beautiful library photos. I’ve always said that I could live in a library, but living in the libraries in those photos would be the equivalent of living in a mansion.

Lisa has been writing at Minds Alive on the Shelves at Blogger, and at the moment there’s still some overlap. Some past reviews from the Blogger version have been copied over to the new site, and new posts are also going up. Eventually Lisa will be moving to the new website exclusively, but in the meantime, keep checking both. This blog makes a wonderful read, wherever you find it!

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    1. Lisa says:

      Thanks, Phyl! I am really enjoying having everything on my very own website.

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