Tuesday Teaser – An Evil Spirit Out of the West

teasertuesdays2I haven’t done the Tuesday Teaser for a while, so here’s another one from the book I’m currently reading.

You must know the drill by now: you take your most recent book, and open it to a random page. There you pick out two sentences to serve as teasers, that may induce people to want to check out the book.

This meme is hosted by MizB at the Should Be Reading blog, and that’s where you can go and leave a link to your own teaser, and check out the teasers of others. You can get some pretty good ideas for reading material there!

So. Here’s mine for today:

They stood fascinated as Tuthmosis climbed onto the cart and pulled away the veil. He then did a strange thing: despite being elder brother and Crown Prince, he bowed before the Veiled One sitting on his thronelike chair.

An Evil Spirit Out of the West (Ancient Egypt Trilogy), by Paul Doherty – p. 54

I’m very excited to read this book. It’s the first historical novel I’ve ever read that features the “heretic Pharaoh,” Akhenaten. I’m fascinated by ancient Egypt to begin with, and of course the story of this man, his queen Nefertiti, and all the events that surrounded his reign, is an intriguing real-life tale.

This book is the first of three, and I accidentally read the second book first, which dealt with the events after Akhenaten died. So I’m very excited finally to be reading book one.


    1. Alayne says:

      Hmm sounds intense! My teaser is at The Crowded Leaf.

    2. Lorin says:

      I liked Nefertiti when I read it – such an interesting moment in history.

      Here’s my teaser, at arch thinking.

    3. kaye says:

      For some reason I’m fascinated with ancient Egypt too. Great teaser, I’ll be looking foreward to your thoughts on the book.
      Thanks for visiting Pudgy Penguin Perusals today.

      • Phyl says:

        Try saying that five times very quickly, ha! Meanwhile, I’m really looking forward to reviewing this. I should have reviewed Book Two when I finished, but I wanted at least to get this one read first.

    4. Me, too – I’ve always been intrigued by ancient Egypt. This is a series I’ve been wanting to check out. Excellent teaser!
      Here’s mine.

      • Phyl says:

        I’m so surprised I hadn’t discovered these before this. The professor who writes them has done a gazillion historical novels, so I could read nothing but him for a year, I think. 🙂

    5. Aimee says:

      intriguing teaser!

      here’s mine!


    6. pussreboots says:

      Sounds good. Thank you for stopping by my post.

    7. Great teaser! I too have always been interested in ancient Egypt. Thanks for the nice comment on my site as well!

    8. April says:

      What a great teaser! This does sound like a really good read!

    9. This looks fascinating. What a great teaser, I am going to have to check out this series.

    10. The Mother says:

      Right up my alley–I’ll pick them up ASAP.

    11. Lindsey says:

      That sounds interesting! I like historical fiction, but haven’t read anything that takes place in Egypt. Well, I guess Antony and Cleopatra is sort of a historical fiction, just in a play format instead of a novel, so I guess I’ve read one thing! Either way, this sounds fun!

    12. Sorry you couldn’t see the teaser I posted; I’ve uploaded a smaller pic now, so hopefully it will work for you. Enjoy your book!

    13. This book sounds interesting. I have always been interested in ancient Egyptian history. Thanks for the nice comment on my site!

    14. Carrie says:

      Sounds interesting I have been thinking about branching out in my reading I will give it some consideration.

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