The Game of Kings – I’m all Verklempt

Game of KingsToday I finished reading Dorothy Dunnett’s The Game of Kings for probably the sixth or seventh time.

More on the book later. But right now I’m all emotional again. Yegods, this series is wonderful. This is only the first book, but already I can’t wait to get to Queen’s Play, the second book.

In every book in this series that has a happy ending (and not all of them do), the pages that lead up to the ending just make you want to cry, they’re so good. Gah. And this is just the first book!

If I could read this series on my deathbed, I would die happy.


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    2. Marydot says:

      Dorothy Dunnett, the only author you’ll ever need.

      Lymond is in a class all by himself. No other character even comes close to Francis Crawford of Lymond.

      • Phyl says:

        I so totally agree! I often say, when asked what “book” I’d want with me on a desert island, “The Lymond Chronicles.” Though if I had to choose only one book, I’d pick “Checkmate,” because it encompasses the previous five as well. But I still wouldn’t be sure I could live without them. 🙂

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