Journaling and Bibliotherapy

Notebook Collection by Dvortygirl

Notebook Collection by Dvortygirl

I just found something interesting from Melanie at The Indextrious Reader. She’s one of my Twitter contacts and a Canadian librarian whose blog I just love (you’ll see it on my blogroll), and now she’s started a new business: Four Rooms Creative Self-Care.

On her blog she describes it this way:

I love journals. I love to read them — both real and fictional examples. I love to write in my own journal, and study journaling as a practice.

And now I am embarking on a new venture: teaching journaling. …

Four Rooms will focus on the power of the written word to lead us to wholeness and wellness, in all areas of our lives. To begin, Four Rooms will offer journaling classes, expanding into explorative poetry and bibliotherapy as time goes on. What is explorative poetry? It is simply reading and/or writing poetry in order to enjoy and respond with journaling and personal meaning, not an attempt to teach poetry as an art form with all its technical elements. And bibliotherapy? That is the use of a written text, primarily fiction, to explore and expand the stories we tell ourselves about our lives.

I love the idea of bibliotherapy. Doesn’t this sound intriguing? This could be an interesting experiment, watching how she tries to weave journaling, poetry, fiction, and other things together. I’ve signed up at the Four Rooms site for the newsletter. If you’re curious, go have a look.


    1. flit says:

      Bibliotherapy and applied literature are among my research interests …going to a conference about them later this month.

      Even though I’ve changed my dissertation topic from the use of fiction in therapeutic rec I’m still planning to do some work in that area over the next year or so.

    2. Melanie says:

      Thanks for mentioning my new venture! I am really thrilled with it as well 🙂

      Flit – I am envious that you are going to the ABAL conference…I really wanted to go this year but could not make it work. Enjoy, and have fun with your research!

    3. flit says:

      I really enjoyed it last year; am looking forward to it. Staying on for a couple of days afterwards re: Journal for Law & Justice conference offerings as well.

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