Teaser Tuesday – Limitations, by Scott Turow


I picked up this book at the library last week because I’d just seen an interview and book signing with Scott Turow. (Did you know his last name rhymes with Burrow, and has the accent on the first syllable?) I’ve read one Turow book in the past, but don’t remember which one. So when I saw this one on the shelf, I grabbed it as my personal introduction.

The Teaser Tuesday meme is hosted by MizB at the Should Be Reading blog. Head over there to see other people’s teasers, and to link one of your own if you wish.

You know the drill for Teaser Tuesdays: pick up your current read, and let it fall open to a random spot. Then take two sentences from that page and post them as a “teaser,” to get others interested in the book. And you shouldn’t post spoilers, that is, sentences that will give away an important plot point.

This moment takes place in a parking garage for the Central Branch Courthouse.  The judge in the story, the main character, is sitting in a car in this garage. I couldn’t really narrow things down to two sentences, so I’ll cheat this time and post three:

At one point, he feared they were actually circling him, but they disappeared soon afterward. Either way, he is not about to move. The vague tingle of lurking danger has always been one of the attractions of the garage for George, whose entire professional life has been founded on the conviction that he knows himself best under these shadows.

Limitations by Scott Turow – p. 43

That’s my Teaser for today. Got one of your own?

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    1. Not necessarily a fan of Turow, but an intriguing Teaser nonetheless.

      My Teaser is HERE

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