Friday Cat Blogging – Fang Shui

It’s Friday! And for today’s Friday Cat Blogging, we are again going to learn from Catfucious, the ancient feline sage of Fang Shui:

Energy exits the home through an open window.

The wise cat will lie in the open window to absorb the energy before it leaves.

— Catfucious

Lobby, looking out


    1. Shakespeare says:

      That’s why I need to put my recliner and laptop near an open window. Then I can absorb all the energy for my writing.

    2. ce9999 says:

      Meow!!! 😛

      (Hey, I feel energized already!)

      • Phyl says:

        I won’t believe you until I see pictorial confirmation that you’re sitting in a window. So there!

        And how have you been?? I’ve been worried because I haven’t seen you anywhere lately. Everything okay?

    3. ce9999 says:

      Actually, I have a special ability. You know, like on that show Heroes? My ability is to absorb energy from cats that are sitting (or even catloafing) in front of windows. 😛

      It’s been a stressful year, but at the same time I don’t feel like I have any right to complain because, unlike a lot of people, I have a job. Things seem awfully screwed up these days, though. Everything from the world at large, to my life.

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