Annual Canada Reads Debate Gets Underway

For those of you who are interested in Canadian books — especially those that might be considered the top Canadian books of the past decade — gather round!

Canada’s national broadcaster, the CBC, is holding its annual book debate that grips the country for a week each February. It features Canadian public figures (not all of them literary) choosing and defending one book. And over the days, the participants vote the books out one by one, until on the final day, two books face off and a winner is chosen.

There are you real losers, of course, because this publicity and debate prompts a lot of reading of new books on the part of Canadians.

You can watch a live stream of the debate starting at 11:00 a.m. EST each day this week, at the CBC Canada Reads site. And you can also participate in a live chat, and follow on Twitter as well (use the #CanadaReads hashtag).

More later, on the personalities and the books they’re defending. Must listen to the debate just now! Each person is making a pitch for their own book today. 🙂

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