Cheese or Font

Lots of Cheese


If you’ve read here for a while, you’ll know about my enjoyment of “font humour.” (Rememer the “Neutraface” video?? Helvetica versus Arial? Or the Font Conference where Comic Sans saves the day??)

Anyway, here’s a new one for my collection. And it will keep you clicking for quite some time, whether you do it just for your own interest, or play it as a game.

Craig Smith Music Project

...or Font

It’s called Cheese or Font, and it’s a site where you see a name and have to decide whether it’s referring to some sort of cheese, or to a specialized font. Even if you know your cheeses — and your fonts — very very well, you’ll probably miss a bunch of these.

I, of course, am dismal at this. Ha! And I’m only doing the demo, rather than the actual game where you can get points.

Talk about a fun time-waster…


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