Teaser Tuesday: A Version of the Truth

Teaser Tuesdays iconI haven’t done this for ages, but I’ve been getting the hankering again. For anyone who isn’t familiar with the Teaser Tuesdays hosted by MizB at the Should Be Reading book blog, here’s how it goes:

  1. Grab your current book.
  2. Open to a random page.
  3. Take two (2) sentences (and technically, that really means two, and really means sentences, not paragraphs) from that page
  4. Post those two sentences, along with the book title and page number, so interested people can find them if they want
  5. Do not post Spoilers!! That is, sentences that give away too much of the plot or some vital piece of information.

So here’s mine today, from A Version of the Truth by Jennier Kaufman and Karen Mack. It’s about a young woman who lies to get an office job at a university. And as she’s exposed to the knowledge and mind set at university, she herself begins to change and grow. So here’s the teaser (and of course I immediately break my “two sentences means TWO” rule, about which I feel surprisingly strongly; but “That’s odd” just had to be included because it was jammed in between my actual two sentences. Next time for sure!):

I feel energized, happy, almost as if I was playing hooky. That’s odd. I get the same feeling going to class that I used to when I cut it.

A Version of the Truth, p. 67

And there you have it! If you have a Teaser of your own, head on over to mention it at the Should Be Reading blog. Happy reading!


    1. Great teaser! Sounds like a good story….

      Here’s MY TT POST

      • Phyl says:

        Hi Laurel-Rain, and thanks for stopping by, even though I’ve been so absent lately! I wasn’t sure how the story was going to do, at the start, but it’s really taking off now and I’m loving it. Now to head over to read your teaser. πŸ™‚

    2. Alice Audrey says:

      I sometimes feel that way about writing.

    3. Amanda says:

      Great teaser!!! I always felt that way about classes I really loved.

      Thanks for stopping by mine!

    4. I don’t think my TBR pile will recover from the teasers this week! So many amazing books, so little time. Hope you will stop by and comment on my Clockwork Prince teaser on http://EmmaMichaels.Blogspot.com !

    5. Excellent Teaser!! πŸ˜€ That book looks very interesting! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

    6. Sonia Lal says:

      That is odd. Going to class and cutting class never feels the same.

      • Phyl says:

        That depends, Sonia. If you feel forced to go to class, you’ll dislike it and maybe even dread it, and be happy and glad to skip. But if you love the class, you could very much dislike missing it, and be happy and glad to get there every day. The narrator is not speaking literally, claiming these two things are equal. She’s describing her altered feelings about going to class now, compared to in the past.

    7. Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog!

      Interesting teaser!

    8. I like this teaser! (and I often break the two sentences rule πŸ™‚ ) I’m curious about if/how she gets caught in her “version of the truth.”

      • Phyl says:

        Sorry I’m late in responding! I know — I think I’m now getting closer to where this person’s “version of the truth” is about to unravel, and I’m getting more and more reluctant to read on. Ha!

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