Helix: Totally Blowing My Own Horn

Final cover of "Helix"

Today I put my first novel —  Helix —  up on the Smashwords online publishing site. I made it available in almost any digital format you can want. I’ve been working on and finishing and polishing and editing and submitting the thing since I started it at a novel-writing workshop in 1998! And at last, at last, it’s out there in a public form. (With its own ISBN and everything!)

Here’s the synopsis:

If we suppress the impulses that inspire religious terrorism, do we also eliminate the spiritual impulses that lead to transcendent acts? Do they stem from the same source in the human soul, intertwining like the helix of our DNA, condemning us to an endless, deadly either/or choice?

Helix puts those questions to Peter Stewart, after the apparent suicide of his twin brother Jon. A century after the world was shaken by global religious wars, a United Nations government has brought peace by taking the teaching of religion out of the hands of families and spiritual institutions, controlling the doctrines taught in school, and not allowing children to declare or practise a religious preference until age 18. But Peter senses that the new peace stems from a deadness of spirit that has infected society, and he finds no inner resources to help him grapple with his twin’s death.

Only when he discovers a “religious underground,” fighting to bring freedom of religion back to the world, does his own spirit seem to revive. But behind this movement looms the prospect of reintroducing the freedom to attack others in the name of one’s own spiritual beliefs. Peter’s exploration of censored history and his struggle with this either/or problem interweave with his ambivalence about the dangerous project of the religious underground throughout the novel.

I thought I was excited two weeks ago, when I actually got my first very own ISBN. Or last Saturday, when I finally finished the very exacting formatting that Smashwords requires. But when my friend Kevin did the cover today, meaning I could finally, finally upload it — oh boy. Unbelievable feeling.

So there it is. My baby.



    1. Melwyk says:

      Wow! Congratulations — what an achievement! Exciting day for you, for sure 🙂

      • Phyl says:

        And it doesn’t even matter how many people buy it. 🙂 (though of course I’d want them to) It’s just been in the works for so long that I didn’t want to wait for posthumous publication just to get it out there. I gave it one final round of submissions to agents a few months ago, and decided that if no one took it then, I’d finally go this route instead. Such fun!

    2. Carol says:

      Congrats Phyl and blow your own horn for sure. After many years of working on getting something published, I hope this route works out better for you.

      How about your other works (ie The Bridge)? Do you plan on doing the same thing with it eventually?

    3. Carol R says:

      Hi Phyl, congratulations. I responded a couple of days ago, but something happened to my response. It appeared then disappeared.

      Hope your publishing goes well this route.


    4. Ryan says:

      Congrats! Such an exciting time!

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