Bookifying Your Home

Back in November, Katerina Ortakova at Retreat, the Random House blog, did a post called 20 Ways to Make Your Home More Bookish. I didn’t see it then, but Random House retweeted it today on Twitter.

Some of the ideas were really fun, like this Fables and Feathers duvet cover, with Aesop’s Fables written all over it. (Now sadly unavailable) Then there’s the piece by McSweeney’s founder, Dave Eggers, printed on a shower curtain, so you can read it while you shower. (Though once you’ve read it, do you want to reread the same thing every day? Maybe there should be thirty shower curtains, so you can read a longer story or article in installments?)

I rather liked the book clock. And I love the idea of painting risers on a stairway to look like the spines of one’s favourite books. But I had two special favourites. One is a book stacker (for those who keep piles of books on the floor by their beds), with a ledge for a glass of wine or a cup of tea:


Book stacker

Isn’t that a handy idea? It might not save space beside your bed, but it does make it easier to see thke books and to get one out without the whole stack collapsing across the floor. Meanwhile, my most favourite “bookish” home accessory is this set of dishes:


Set of dishes shaped like open books

“Book” dishes set – bought by the case!

The only problem with those, as you can see from the Book page at American Discount Tableware, is that you apparently have to buy each piece by the case. And one case contains rather a lot of that piece. So you have to spend about a hundred dollars (and sometimes a lot more) for each piece in the above photo, since you have to buy a case for each. And there are eleven different pieces in total…

Still, they do look lovely. Maybe one day I will buy thirty-six open-book saucers and thirty-six square cups, so I can enjoy a bookish cup of tea. Or maybe not. Still, I love all the ideas in the Random House post.

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