Grafitti That’s Literate

Thanks to BuzzFeed for drawing attention to some very good examples of grafitti that’s got a literary flavour to it: 20 Awesome Examples of Literary Grafitti.

I blush to confess that I haven’t read about a third of the books that these grafitti examples come from. But of the ones I know, I have some favourites. Like this 2001 example relating to The Lord of the Rings, photographed by Gary L. Quay:


Or the one below, photographed by Mark LaFlaur, that uses a red wheelbarrow as a platform for the poem, “The Red Wheelbarrow,” by Photographed by William Carlos Williams:

So much depends upon “The Red Wheelbarrow”

And then of course there is the grafitti that’s got a much more explicit political purpose, like this one from Tyler at Visual Disobedience:

laBig Brother is Watching You

Whatever else you think of grafitti, at least some of the artists are very literate.


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