Great collection of book-related tattoos

BuzzFeed hits it out of the park again!

50 Incredible Tattoos Inspired By Books

Some of these tattoos inspired by books are really wonderful. Take this one from A Clockwork Orange:

Tattoo of the one-eyed figure from the cover of

Or this beauty based on Mutiny on the Bounty:

laTattoo of a leaping whale, based on the book,

I can never get a tattoo for various reasons, but I tell ya, some of these could almost have inspired me to try if I could. Check out the rest of them at BuzzFeed, and don’t forget to scroll through the comments and see some others. Add yours there, if you’ve got one. Or here. for that matter!

(And don’t forget that BuzzFeed has done other great posts about book-related things. Like the Grafitti That’s Literate.)

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