Test Your Vocabulary – a Humbling Experience

You would think, as an editor and writer, not to mention a voracious reader of both fiction and nonfiction, that I would have a huge vocabulary. And I probably do. But I also travel in circles with many highly literate and well-read friends. So when they go through this Test Your Vocab research site and get 39K or 40K as a result, I am somewhat disgruntled that I only got 37,800 as the estimate of how many dictionary words I know at least one definition for.

Want to test your own vocabulary? Have a go! Remember to answer honestly, because this is a real research site trying to gather data.

And while you’re at it, try out the researchers’ latest tool, called Hardest Words, where you can test any general text you’re reading to get feedback on which are the eastiest and hardest words.

Now. I have a dictionary to go read.

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