Reading Through the Bookcase: Douglas Adams

So, Douglas Adams. (Yes, I’ll remain in the A’s for a while yet.) You may recall that after three Margaret Atwood books, I wasn’t really in the mood for Jane Austen, the next person in the fiction bookcase. So I switched to the SF&F stack, and lo and behold: there was The Long, Dark Tea-Time of the Soul. As is so often the case with me, I do not in fact have a complete set of Douglas Adams books. (I don’t even have all the Hitchhiker books, except on my Sony Reader, though I do have The Hitchhiker’s Giude to the Galaxy. It’s just in another bookcase.) I have kind of a “spotty” collection of almost everything. Which means that of the two Dirk Gently books, Tea-Time — the second of the two — is to be the only Douglas Adams book in this project.

I had read both books, of course, long ago. But I had no idea why I had liked Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and had not really liked Tea-Time. In fact, even while I was reading Tea-Time on this occasion, I couldn’t figure out why I hadn’t liked the book the first time. It’s very much Douglas Adams, with his humour and the weird goings on. (And Thor! Thor and Odin! I’m a Norse mythology freak — of course I love something with Thor and Odin in it. Though I kept wondering why Loki was nowhere to be found.) I love the idea of a holistic detective agency, and Dirk Gently not always getting where he wants to go but getting where he needs to be.

Anyway, it was lots of fun. Until the end. I had been so looking forward to finding out how everything was going to be resolved — and then suddenly, everyone was going about their business and getting on with life and I still had no idea how the Pretty Big Problems in the story had been resolved! I don’t feel like rereading the last couple of chapters again to see what I apparently missed, but it seemed to me that we went from Dirk Gently saying, “We have a problem” at the end of one chapter to everything being over and tidied up in the next. If there was some solution worked out, it went by so quickly that I missed it.

So I think that must have been it, way back the first time I read it. Everything got resolved, but it was never clear how. Or something. At least I enjoyed the book up to that point, but sheesh. What a letdown.

And where was Loki?? Harumph!

I did stay in the SF&F bookcase after that, so I’ve been plunged into Isaac Asimov books for a few days now. I will be talking about the Foundation books soon. (Though of course, me being me, I only have the original trilogy and its sequel, but not the two prequels and the last book. Surprised?)

Still working my way through the A’s. 🙂

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