Birthday Swag for Hardcopied Book Challenge

Birthday swag

Birthday book swag

I wasn’t planning specifically to buy any books for the Hardcopied July print-only challenge. After all, I  have six large bookcases full of actual print books, many of which I haven’t read yet. (Remember my “Reading Through the Bookcase” plan? I’m not done with that, and I’ll be getting back to it.) So it wasn’t like I didn’t already have lots of books to choose from.

But my mom died in April and left me a little bit of money. And if she were here, now would be about the time that she’d be mailing a cheque for some birthday money for the end of July.

So I bought these things yesterday, on Canada Day, to celebrate my mom and my birthday and the print-only reading challenge. I miss being able to buy books whenever I want. And two of the books were recently recommended in a book discussion, while the third is by one of my favourite authors, Joanna Trollope. So, bonus!

And those beautiful needlecrafted bookmarks I’ve got sticking out of the books? Those were done by my mom (just two small examples of some really marvelous work she did over the years). So she’ll be there while I’m reading.


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