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Buddy the Cat and his Very Own Photo Book

My friend in New York, Michael Castellano, is a wonderful photographer. He also has a wonderful cat named Buddy. (I would bet that the two facts are related in some profound, subliminal way.) I’ve known Michael online for years, but have only managed to visit New York and meet him in person once. And while I was there, I met the famous and adored Buddy too.

He is definitely a great cat. And something that has added to the love that we, his fans, have always borne him is the incredible photos Michael has posted of Buddy over the years.

Now, I’m happy to say, some of those beautiful photos have been collected and published in a gorgeous book. This book, Buddy the Cat, is now available through Browse through it for a bit, and enjoy how Michael has captured so many of Buddy’s moods, from profound thought to silly squirming on the floor. Michael captures every nuance of color in Buddy’s eyes and the soft flow of his lovely fur.

And once you’ve enjoyed Buddy’s company, pay Michael Castellano Photography a visit and marvel at Michael’s other stunningly beautiful photographs.

(Sorry if you see the image below twice. won’t let me alter the code, so twice it is. In the first one, you can go through all the pages of the book, and the second one takes you to the page — where you can do exactly the same. *sigh*)

Grafitti That’s Literate

Thanks to BuzzFeed for drawing attention to some very good examples of grafitti that’s got a literary flavour to it: 20 Awesome Examples of Literary Grafitti.

I blush to confess that I haven’t read about a third of the books that these grafitti examples come from. But of the ones I know, I have some favourites. Like this 2001 example relating to The Lord of the Rings, photographed by Gary L. Quay:


Or the one below, photographed by Mark LaFlaur, that uses a red wheelbarrow as a platform for the poem, “The Red Wheelbarrow,” by Photographed by William Carlos Williams:

So much depends upon “The Red Wheelbarrow”

And then of course there is the grafitti that’s got a much more explicit political purpose, like this one from Tyler at Visual Disobedience:

laBig Brother is Watching You

Whatever else you think of grafitti, at least some of the artists are very literate.


Bookifying Your Cakes!

I am enjoying the things that Random House has been tweeting this weekend. Yesterday, it was items by which you can “bookify your home” and today it’s their Pinterest board dedicated to book cakes!

I’m especially fond of the cakes made to resemble piles of books (found here, at BookRiot):

Cake that looks like a pile of books


But I have to say that this Narnia cake is pretty much my favourite (created by Rosebud Cakes):

Narnia cake with the White Witch, Aslan, and the wardrobe


There’s just no end to the bookish creativity, is there?

Fantasy Baby Pics You Will Really Want To See

Link to purchase the book called When my baby dreams, by Adele EnersenIf you’re not into babies–as I’m not into babies much–I bet you will still love these baby pics. Which have resulted in a book, a calender, and probably much more.

First, as Adele Enersen explains on her blog, Mila’s Daydreams, she was home on maternity leave with her new baby girl, Mila. When Mila went down for her naps, Adele would quickly create little fantasy scenes around her, and take a photo of the baby in the midst of the fantasy.

The fantasy photos were sweet and beautiful. And what has resulted is a book published by HarperCollins: When My Baby Dreams. I’m very tempted to get this book even though, as I said, I’m not into babies particularly. But I love the little fantasies! As an online friend said, these are the best baby photos ever. And now there’s going to be a calender too, available in July of 2012.

Want to see some of the photos? There’s also a beautiful video. Watch it–I bet you’ll like it. 🙂


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