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Reading Bingo: Nice Way to set Reading Goals

I like this idea for setting reading goals for 2014. Instead of just saying, “I’m going to read 50 books by the end of the year,” make sure you’re reading a variety. Random House Canada has posted a printable Bingo card (Reading Bingo Challenge 2014), where different types of books are positioned on each square. Here are some samples:

  1. A book set on a different continent.
  2. A book with a one-word title.
  3. A book that scares you.
  4. A book of short stories. (This would be the hard one for me; I don’t really enjoy short stories.)

Actually, let’s just show you the Bingo card. ๐Ÿ™‚ But go to the site, because there’s a YA version too.

Random House



Buddy the Cat and his Very Own Photo Book

My friend in New York, Michael Castellano, is a wonderful photographer. He also has a wonderful cat named Buddy. (I would bet that the two facts are related in some profound, subliminal way.) I’ve known Michael online for years, but have only managed to visit New York and meet him in person once. And while I was there, I met the famous and adored Buddy too.

He is definitely a great cat. And something that has added to the love that we, his fans, have always borne him is the incredible photos Michael has posted of Buddy over the years.

Now, I’m happy to say, some of those beautiful photos have been collected and published in a gorgeous book. This book, Buddy the Cat, is now available through Browse through it for a bit, and enjoy how Michael has captured so many of Buddy’s moods, from profound thought to silly squirming on the floor. Michael captures every nuance of color in Buddy’s eyes and the soft flow of his lovely fur.

And once you’ve enjoyed Buddy’s company, pay Michael Castellano Photography a visit and marvel at Michaelโ€™s other stunningly beautiful photographs.

(Sorry if you see the image below twice. won’t let me alter the code, so twice it is. In the first one, you can go through all the pages of the book, and the second one takes you to the page — where you can do exactly the same. *sigh*)

Download “Helix” free During Read an E-Book Week

Book cover with title, "Helix," by Phyl Good

Book tablet with glasses lying on top of it, with caption "Read an e-Book Week"

Time to toot my own horn again. My novel, Helix, is available on Smashwords for USD $2.49. But this happens to be Read an E-Book Week, and the novel will be available for free all week!

All you need to do is go to the Helix page, click to download, and enter the code RW100. And that’s it!

Here’s the extended summary of what you’ll read:

If we suppress the impulses that inspire religious terrorism, do we also eliminate the spiritual impulses that lead to transcendent acts? Do they stem from the same source in the human soul, intertwining like the helix of our DNA, condemning us to an endless, deadly either/or choice?

Helix puts those questions to Peter Stewart, after the apparent suicide of his twin brother Jon. A century after the world was shaken by global religious wars, a United Nations government has brought peace by taking the teaching of religion out of the hands of families and spiritual institutions, controlling the doctrines taught in school, and not allowing children to declare or practise a religious preference until age 18. But Peter senses that the new peace stems from a deadness of spirit that has infected society, and he finds no inner resources to help him grapple with his twinโ€™s death. Only when he discovers a “religious underground,” fighting to bring freedom of religious choice back to the world, does his own spirit seem to revive. But behind this movement looms the prospect of reintroducing the freedom to attack others in the name of oneโ€™s own spiritual beliefs. Peterโ€™s exploration of censored history and his struggle with this either/or problem interweave with his ambivalence about the dangerous project of the religious underground throughout the novel.

Take advantage of this chance to save $2.49 and read Helix for free! Then tell your friends. ๐Ÿ™‚

Book cover with title, "Helix," by Phyl Good

Hubba Hubba, Canadian Author Calendar!

In the name of raising funds to support PEN Canada, brace yourself for a 2014 calendar that will reveal all. Bare it for Books is preparing a calender in which twelve Canadian authors, instead of baring their souls, bare their bodies–with books covering certain strategic areas–for a very good cause.

Some of the authors aren’t as well-known as others. But take a good look at this lineup:

Angie Abdou โ€“ Ms. January

Trevor Cole โ€“ Mr. February

Farzana Doctor โ€“ Ms. March

Dave Bidini โ€“ Mr. April

Miranda Hill โ€“ Ms. May

Daniel MacIvor โ€“ Mr. June

Yasuko Thanh โ€“ Ms. July

Terry Fallis โ€“ Mr. August

Sachiko Murakami โ€“ Ms. September

Vincent Lam โ€“ Mr. October

Saleema Nawaz โ€“ Ms. November

Yann Martel โ€“ Mr. December

Dave Bidini in April — you know, former member of the music group, The Rheostatics? And Yann Martel for December — Mr. Life of Pi? The whole lineup is pretty impressive.

PEN Canada is the national association of authors that is involved in educating readers and promoting literature but just as importantly, if not more so, in supporting and helping persecuted writers throughout the world and in fighting censorship. So this is a pretty worthy cause indeed.

The calendars, of course, are not yet available. But have a look at the Calendar Page for the Bare it for Books website to learn about the almost serendipitous way in which this project came about. And bookmark the site, so you can get this very revealing author calendar when it’s finally ready for its debut!

Yann Martel, Life of Pi presentation

Yann Martel, Mr. December


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