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Good day for the Book Nerd

I’ve just discovered a new site I may hang out on: Fixabook. I saw a link, particularly, to the category, Covers, where the writer, as you can imagine, is discussing various book covers.

The website’s stated goal makes a book-lover’s heart sing:

The aim is quite simple; Fixabook wants to celebrate the very best in book design while at the same time, helping people to think more deeply about their book covers.

As well as the “Covers” category, the site includes categories like “Blurbs,” “Spines,” and even “Copycat Covers.” (Must go visit that category for sure!) I believe I’ll be adding this site to my blogroll, and checking it often.

But Chronicle Books (**)  also has an interesting blurb about a specific book: The Art of McSweeney’s. (See the McSweeneys website here. Bizarre and interesting stuff there.) There are just a few samples of the illustrations from the book included in that blog post, but they should make your mouth water.

They’ve also created a trailer for the creation of this book. I’ll try to embed it, but given how well [she said facetiously] this blog program does in embedding YouTube videos here, don’t hold your breath. 🙂

(** A book publisher that is quickly becoming one of my favourites, for really interesting non-fiction books. Check out their ad in my right-hand column, and go see what other sorts of books they have. They’ve done several that I have talked about in my various “I want this book” sorts of posts in recent months.)

(Thanks to Twitter contacts thebookdesigner and RainCoastBooks for these links.)

Beautiful Flower Books I’d Love to Have

Thanks to a Twitter contact, I’ve begun to covet more books. Not that I’d need the help, but these old books about flowers are very special. has a lovely section of gardening, horticultural, and flower books: 25 Beautiful Old Flower Books.

These are a couple of my favourites:

Rose bookIsn’t this Rose Book just lovely? It was published in 1913, and the cover alone is a work of art. Inside, it talks about which roses you should start with, practical matters to do with roses, and how to take care of a rose garden. Beautiful!

Then there’s this one, The Sweet O’ the Year: Thoughts From a Village Garden:

Sweet O the YearThis, too, is a work of art. It looks so idyllic! This book is slightly older, published in 1908.

Have a look at the other 23 books, and see if they don’t make you yearn. 🙂

Books I Want – American Trademarks: a Compendium

American TrademarksI don’t know why, but I just love stuff like this. I’d really like to get American Trademarks: a Compendium, published by Chronicle Books. When you read the blurb at that site, you see that Eric Baker (who currently blogs at  and Tyler Blik originally edited a three-volume set called Trademarks, but those have now been combined into one expanded volume with this book.

I gather that Baker and Blik traced the development of trademarks through several decades, starting with the 1920s. Perhaps the extra essays in the book deal with the most recent trademarks? That’s just a guess on my part.

The book has more than 1000 of what are called “iconic trademarks.” Though interestingly, at the Chronicle Books Blog, I don’t actually recognize very many of the examples posted. But I’m really interested in the history and design of these symbols. I don’t know what the legalities are, but I’ve long been tempted to create a Flickr set just of logos I’ve taken pictures of around Toronto.

Anyway, I’d love to have this book on my shelves. Alongside things like books about fonts and the history of the English language. Geeks R Us, eh? 🙂

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