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Friday Cat Blogging – More Fang Shui

Yet again we reach Friday Cat Blogging time. And once more, the feline sage, Catfucious, has words of wisdom for us from Fang Shui:

Eating from a chipped food dish brings bad luck.

– Catfucious

"I'm a wreck till I've had my first cup of coffee!"

Friday Cat Blogging – Fang Shui

For today’s Friday Cat Blogging, we feature another piece of sage advice from the Fang Shui of the ancient feline wisecat, Catfucious:

When in the garden, savor the colors of its inhabitants.

Nature’s colorful creatures have great healing properties and can soothe the spirit and the stomach.



Friday Cat Blogging – More Fang Shui Wisdom

Another Friday Cat Blogging day! Time to revisit Catfucious and learn more Fang Shui wisdom from his writings:

Plants in the northwest corner of the room create positive ch’i for the environment.

This positive ch’i is maximized when the sagacious cat makes full use of the plant’s energy by eating it.

— Catfucious

Caught in the Act!

Friday Cat Blogging – Fang Shui

It’s Friday! And for today’s Friday Cat Blogging, we are again going to learn from Catfucious, the ancient feline sage of Fang Shui:

Energy exits the home through an open window.

The wise cat will lie in the open window to absorb the energy before it leaves.

— Catfucious

Lobby, looking out

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