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Friday Cat Blogging – More Fang Shui

Another Friday Cat Blogging word of wisdom, taken from Fang Shui: Feng Shui for Felines, featuring the sayings of Catfucious:

Wise cats know how to maximize the tranquil energy of the furniture.

Scrape claws vigorously on the legs and arms of furnishings to create auspicious calligraphic symbols.

— Catfucious

I'll get to those furry mousies when I've rested

Friday Cat Blogging – Fang Shui

Another Friday Cat Blogging post! And this time, in our study of Fang Shui, the Feng Shui for Felines composed by the ancient sage, Catfucious, we deal with napping:

Napping in the correct place is important for tranquility.

Always choose freshly washed, neatly folded laundry to nap on.

— Catfucious

Pretty face

Friday Cat Blogging – Fang Shui Style

For a new take on Friday Cat Blogging, we will be taking some entries from Fang Shui, the book of Feng Shui for Felines, by Catfucious. (Published by Peter Pauper Press, Inc., in White Plains, NY, in 2002)

Today’s entry deals with Nature:

There are power places outside of your home. Trees are good for their wood energy, unless you climb too high and are unable to get down.

If that is the case, announce your predicament, and help will appear shortly.

— Catfucious

Kashi the Cat climbs a tree

Concerto for Cat and Orchestra

This has to be one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever seen. If you remember Nora the piano-playing cat, you will love this:

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