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Peter Jackson is Knighted


Sir Peter Jackson

Great news, from New Year’s Eve. Peter Jackson, who was responsible for the Lord of the Rings movies, has been knighted by the New Zealand government.

The news is on the BBC website: Lord of the Rings’ Peter Jackson is made Knight. The thing is that knighthood itself was abolished in 2000 by then Prime Minister Helen Clark. But now it’s been re-instituted, and Jackson — Sir Peter! — has been knighted.

And there’s no higher honour in the entire country. The title of Knight can only be granted to twenty living New Zealanders at any one time. So Sir Peter Jackson is in very high company indeed.

I like that he says this honour is greater than the Academy Awards in 2004. There really are things that matter more than that sort of thing. And isn’t it appropriate that he’d be given a title that fits more into the type of world and outlook of Middle-Earth than it actually does into this world?

A Christmas Carol Penguin Audio Book Break

Penguin USA is getting into the holiday spirit this week for its book break. This week’s break is the first four chapters of Dickens’ A  Christmas Carol.

Have you seen any of the Christmas Carol movies yet this season? I noticed one the other night, while I was surfing toward something else, but it didn’t appeal to me particularly. I never really had a favourite until someone insisted I should watch the Alastair Sim version.

I fell in love with it! Yes, it’s over the top, but the whole story is rather over the top, when you think about it. To my mind, at least, the melodrama really fit the story. Now I’m starting to look for that version every year. I haven’t seen it yet, but I bet as we get closer to Christmas, it will show up on some channel. Woo!

Meanwhile, give the Penguin chapters a listen if you’re in the mood for this Christmas tradition:

Ian McKellen sounds happy about Hobbit script

I was so glad to read this today, from the Sci Fi Wire website: ‘Gandalf’ has read the Hobbit script and tells us about it.

Ian McKellen has finally read the script for the upcoming production of The Hobbit, and it sounds like he’s pleased. He said in a recent interview,

As Peter has said, they loved writing Gandalf [for The Hobbit] because they knew who they were writing him for… So it’s extremely attractive that this part has been written for me. The other Gandalf was written for, well, just as Gandalf. There’s lots for me to enjoy, in all sorts of ways.

Since I adore Gandalf, I mean McKellen, I absolutely cannot wait for the movie, though obviously they haven’t even started it yet. I was so sorry when I heard that Peter Jackson wasn’t going to be able to do it after all, but it sounds like McKellen’s equally sure that Guillermo del Toro will do a good job, so I’m going to let myself be assured too. And of course Jackson was one of the co-writers of the script, so that’s a good thing too.

And peeking back at the article, I suddenly notice that they’re mentioning Hobbit movies, plural. MOVIES?? Woo! That makes me even happier.

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