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Teaser Tuesday – Queen’s Play by Dorothy Dunnett


Surprise surprise! Another Tuesday Teaser from Dorothy Dunnett. It was between this and another book, but I’ve only just started reading the other one, so I don’t know what would make a good teaser yet. Next week, perhaps.

Meanwhile, remember the way it works: you take your current read (or one of them), open it to a random page, and pull two (2) sentences from it. I like to be quite literal, apart from exceptional circumstances, and really take only two sentences.

Post the sentence to tease others into reading the book, but don’t include any spoilers! (That is, don’t include anything that would give away something important in the story.)

This meme is hosted by MizB at the Should Be Reading blog, so head over there and leave your teaser, and click through to other people’s.

Mine today takes place as a big procession is marking the grand and official entry of King Henri of France into the city of Rouen. Several people are late getting to the special box where their own seats are, and have hitched a ride in a cart where several costumed people who will participate in the procession are riding. They are just approaching a bridge.

I am cheating today, and including three sentences. Just because it all helps provide the setting. And, again, demonstrates Dunnett’s humour:

On the far shore Orpheus waited by the Triumphal Arch chatting to Hercules. Beside them on the beach Neptune, a cloak over his blue robes, was sitting huddled beside a Seven-Headed Hydra which was lying on its back and eating a sausage. Beyond that sat three men next to a plaster whale.

– p. 83, Queen’s Play, by Dorothy Dunnett (1984 Warner Books edition)

(Those Dunnett fans who have already read this book will know the significance of one of the things mentioned in these sentences, but I’m not telling! 🙂 )

Teaser Tuesday – The Book of Negroes


Here we are again! Today is Teaser Tuesday, hosted by MizB over at the Should Be Reading blog. Here is the protocol:

  1. Grab your current read and open to a random page
  2. Take two sentences from that page to post as a teaser

I’m still reading the book from last week (I’ll be nibbling at it for some time), but I also have two other books going. So my teaser today is from another book, The Book of Negroes, by Lawrence Hill.

This book was published in the United States as Someone Knows My Name, because apparently Americans cannot be allowed to read a book with That Word in the title, even if the author, a black man, chooses it himself. And even if there was a real, historical “Book of Negroes” to whom the author and the main character are referring. So if you are teased by this book and you live in the U.S., you’d have to look for it by its secondary name.

Anyway, here’s my teaser:

To gaze into another person’s face is to do two things: to recognize their humanity, and to assert your own. As I began my long march from home, I discovered that there were people in the world who didn’t know me, didn’t love me, and didn’t care whether I lived or died.

The Book of Negroes, Canadian hardcover edition, p. 29

These lines are taken from the moment just after Aminata, the main character, has been captured from her village in Africa and is about to be taken across the ocean into slavery.

I have to get this book back to the library on Saturday (I doubt I’ll be able to renew it, it’s so popular), and just started it. So I hope I can finish! I have a hard time reading books like this.

Meanwhile, if you want to do a Teaser of your own, visit the Should Be Reading blog and leave yours there, and have a look at a whole bunch of others. 🙂

Tuesday Teaser: Queen’s Play, by Dorothy Dunnett


Time again for the Tuesday Teaser! And yes yes, I’m on a Dorothy Dunnett kick lately. You get that way, when you’re immersed in one of her series.

Anyway, the Tuesday Teaser involves our grabbing the book we’re currently reading, opening it to a more or less random page, and taking two sentences from it to be teasers for the book. And above all, we should avoid including spoilers that give too much of the plot away, in case someone wants to read the book themselves.

This meme is hosted by MizB, at the Should Be Reading blog. Head over there and check out other people’s Teasers, and leave your own.

My current book (well, one of them) is Queen’s Play, the second book in Dunnett’s Lymond Chronicles. It takes place in France, when the seven year old Scottish Queen, Mary (yes, that Mary), is living there and about to be officially betrothed to the Dauphin. My Teaser comes from very early on, as a ship bearing some Interesting People is on its way to France from Ireland.

These two sentences are a couple of lines apart in the narrative. I chose them to give you an idea of Dunnett’s wonderful descriptions. In this scene, the escort of the Interesting People is looking around the deck to locate a couple of them:

At his side, the Prince’s secretary was still asleep, in a poisonous aura of wine, his black head bound like a pot roast by the sliding shadow-pattern of the rigging…Further off, Piedar Dooly the Prince’s servant was just visible, fitted into a recess, like something doubtful on the underside of a leaf.

Queen’s Play, p. 16

Whenever I read descriptions like that I just laugh and laugh and laugh. The “pot roast” remark just sets me up perfectly for the “something doubtful” description.

Teaser Tuesday: Bad Luck and Trouble

teasertuesdays2I don’t get to do Teaser Tuesday any more, nearly as much as I’d like to. (This darn business of earning a living!) But I decided to do one today, for the current read about a character I thought I’d never like: Jack Reacher, created by Lee Child.

You must know the drill by now, but just in case, you basically grab the book you’re reading at the moment, open to a more-or-less random page, and post two teaser sentences from that page. But no spoilers, for people who haven’t yet read the book.

I always try to be pretty scrupulous about the two-sentence rule myself. It’s challenging, and good discipline to boot.

Anyway, this book meme is hosted by MizB over at the Should Be Reading blog. So head over there, leave a link to your own teaser, and have a look at the teasers of other people. Meanwhile, here’s mine for today:

“…We investigate, we prepare, we execute. We find them, we take them down, and then we piss on their ancestors’ graves.”

Bad Luck and Trouble, page 110

Now, lest you think that sounds a bit unpleasant, the context is an urgent search, on the part of some former members of an elite army investigations team, for the people who appear to have murdered at least one of their former comrades. So you might forgive the lock-jawed intensity of the statement. (And I’m actually rather itching to finish so I can review the book, hee!)

Now head on over and discover other teasers!

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