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Since I don’t have a Comments function at the site of the actual PASSAGES soap opera, please feel free to leave any comments you might have here.

This is a soap opera I’ve been writing sporadically for several years. I wanted to explore just how much work it really was to create a balance of characters and create interesting stories that would interweave them.

It was in fact a lot of work, to create that right balance between men and women, rich and poor, older and younger, and mainstream and ethnic characters. It was also a ton of fun.

I want to maintain some of the stock characters (the rich tycoon, the scheming younger girl, etc), but also avoid some worn soap opera cliches. So for example, you’re not going to find a woman getting pregnant to trap a man into marrying her, in this story. The main gay character is perfectly out and open, and those who can’t accept that are the exception.

I wanted the characters to be smart too. So as well as the standard hospital and business settings common to all soap operas, you’ll find a lot of stories revolving around the university. I’m putting political and religious issues in here too. The religious persuasion of many of the main characters is Wiccan, for example. And instead of the “minority family” being black or Hispanic, which is pretty usual for American soap operas, my family is Indian, and lives by the spiritual beliefs we would label “Hindu.”

I’m also exploring the occasional mythic theme, the primary one being the Divine Twins. Twin stories are a staple of soap operas, and mine too has a set of twins at the very centre of it. (They’re named after one of the best sets of soap opera twins I remember from years ago, Ryan Chamberlain and Kevin Collins from General Hospital. This pair is my tribute to Jon Lindstrom, who played these two so superbly.)

So have a read, and let me know what you think. Make suggestions or comments, ask about the ideas, whatever you like. But most of all — enjoy these characters! (Especially Audrey, who has surprised me by becoming one of my favourites; keep reading, and you may see why.)

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