Passages – Episode 21 – Act 2

Continued from Episode 21 – Act 1.

II.A) CONNOR’S BEDROOM. Cut between Connor’s bedroom, and Tylor on the phone at Ruminations, until they hang up. Connor comes into and out of the room, slamming drawers and closet doors as he gradually gets dressed.

KYLE – So what’s on your mind, Tylor?

TYLOR – Nothing specific. I just really felt like hearing your voice again. But I don’t want to bother you if you’re busy…

KYLE – I only have a couple of minutes, but I don’t need to go right away.

CONNOR – Of course you don’t.

TYLOR – Is someone there? Maybe I should just –

KYLE – No really, don’t worry. It’s – it’s just an orderly from work.

TYLOR – Oh no, I thought you were off tonight or I’d never have called.

KYLE – I am off tonight. We’re just – a few of us are just – out for coffee. Talking about work thing, you know. But – um – one of them has gone to the men’s room and – and another one had to make a phone call – and the guy you heard is, is talking to the waiter. So you see? I’ve got a couple of minutes.

TYLOR – And I’ll bet none of them is vegetarian, or I’d invite you all to come to Ruminations. And give you all a great deal on the price.

KYLE – Now, haven’t we talked about that? You can’t succeed in a business if you’re always giving away your services for free.

TYLOR – I know, I know.

KYLE – But I’d still love to bring them to your place sometime, maybe. Broaden their horizons a bit. But it would be a bit distracting tonight.

CONNOR – (MUTTERING) I’ll just bet.

TYLOR – So you’re talking about work things? Anything serious?

KYLE – No, nothing like that. Just talking about our latest shifts, and a patient or two, our supervisors.

TYLOR – You mean you’re having a good old gossip? Who’d have thought?

KYLE – What, you don’t think men gossip? I think men are the worst gossips, when they really get going.

CONNOR – Especially if they’re gay.

TYLOR – What was that?

KYLE – Oh nothing, nothing. Just a guy at the next table, asking how to pay. You know – pay the waiter, pay at the desk. That sort of thing.

TYLOR – I’m getting in on several conversations at once.

KYLE – So, how’s your own evening going? Aren’t you supposed to be at work yourself?

TYLOR – Yep. That’s exactly where I am. It’s been a slow night.

KYLE – Then I see I should have brought my friends there after all. And paid full price for everything.

TYLOR – Well, next time, all right?

KYLE – Yes. Next time for sure.

TYLOR – But I think I should let you get back to your friends. You have a good evening, okay?

KYLE – All right, Tylor. We’ll talk later. Bye-bye. (PUTS THE PHONE DOWN) There, Connor, see? That wasn’t long. Come back to bed.

CONNOR – You are a liar, Kyle. Such a complete liar.


AUDREY – So, how did you do with this week’s assignment?

IAN – It was better than I expected, actually.

AUDREY – And…?

IAN – And?

AUDREY – Was I helpful?

IAN – (GRINS) I knew I could make you ask. Yes, of course. You made everything very clear. So yes, you were very helpful. Thank you.


IAN – What?

AUDREY – I never thought I’d ever hear you say that to me.

IAN – Yeah, it’s weird. I could say something insulting if you’d feel more comfortable.

AUDREY – Ha ha. No, I think I like getting along, a lot better.

IAN – Me too. Till it gets boring. Just kidding. But anyway, are we still on for another tutoring session?

AUDREY – Sure. I’ve been looking ahead in the book, a little bit –

IAN – Why am I not surprised?

AUDREY – …and there are some interesting things coming up.

IAN – That word “interesting” always makes me nervous.

AUDREY – Oh no, not “interesting” in a bad way. I mean, actually interesting. But it’s all sort of based on things that might be a bit hard if you’ve been out of school for a while. So maybe I can give you a boost.

IAN – Like a refresher course.

AUDREY – Exactly. And then you’ll find the new stuff pretty easy, I think.

IAN – And then you can finally be rid of me?

AUDREY – Why would I want to be rid of you? It’s kind of fun, you know, having you in my power like this.

IAN – Oh-ho! Now we get down to it. The young lady is all about power and influence, after all.

AUDREY – Well, duh. Like you didn’t know that right from the beginning.

IAN – Oh…yeah. I’d forgotten. (THEY LAUGH) But seriously. You’re so organized and logical when you want to be. You’re very smart.

AUDREY – Why, thank you.

IAN – I could see you discovering a cure for cancer. Or no – you’re more into numbers, so physics would be more your thing. So I could see you designing a new spacecraft that could take a crew to Mars. Something solar-powered, maybe.

AUDREY – Except that the farther you’d get from the sun, the more difficult that would be. I think you’d have to find a different energy source once you wanted to head for Mars, or any planet beyond it.

IAN – See? Just mention it, and you’re already working on the problem. That’s what I mean. You’re great at that sort of thing. That’s why I can’t figure out why you want to throw away your brains and waste your life on that modelling nonsense.

AUDREY – Uh oh. You were doing so well, there. And now you’ve gone and spoiled everything.


JUSTIN – Anastasia. Good evening.


JUSTIN – How are you?

ANASTASIA – Fine. I’d like to come in please.

JUSTIN – Oh. Right. (HE STEPS OUT OF THE DOORWAY) Sorry. I wasn’t thinking.

ANASTASIA – Where’s Darcy?

JUSTIN – She’s in the living room. I’ll take you in, in a minute.

ANASTASIA – I do know my way. I used to live here, remember.

JUSTIN – I didn’t mean you don’t know the way. But I was hoping to talk to you alone first.

ANASTASIA – And ruin the evening right at the beginning? I think not.

JUSTIN – Stace, please –


JAIME – Hello, hello, we’re here! Hi Anastasia! Hi Justin!

JOANNA – Jaime, calm down. Hello, you two. I’m glad we’re not the first ones here. Jaime couldn’t bear to wait any longer.

JAIME – Mom says I’m really hyper.

PAIGE – Must be the chocolate I gave her.

JOANNA – Oh, Paige, you didn’t.

PAIGE – She wouldn’t quit bugging me.

JOANNA – Well, that explains it then.

ANASTASIA – Tell you what, Jaime. Let’s take the coats to the cloak room. That’ll give you some scope for bouncing around.

JUSTIN – And then I’ll take you in. Good evening, Doctor Collier, Mrs. Collier. Darcy and Mr. Vickery are just through there.

NELSON – Good evening, both of you.


ARTHUR – And there they are. Good evening, all of you.

DARCY – I’m so glad you could come. Welcome! Justin, perhaps Uncle Nelson and Aunt Joanna would like something to drink.

JUSTIN – Certainly. What’s your pleasure? (NELSON GOES WITH HIM TO THE DRINKS TABLE)

PAIGE – It looks different in here, Darcy.

DARCY – I’m experimenting with a few changes in décor. I haven’t really decided on all the changes, but I’m starting to try out a few things. I just felt it might be time to start looking forward.

JOANNA – I can understand that. I know it’s hard to do.

DARCY – Yes. But I know mother would want me to keep planning for the future. And my life with Justin.


DARCY – But where is Jaime? Couldn’t she come?

ANASTASIA – (ENTERS WITH JAIME) She’s right here. We’ve been doing coats.

JAIME – Hi Darcy! Hi Uncle Arthur!

ANASTASIA – She’s in a very enthusiastic mood this evening, aren’t you, bouncy girl?

PAIGE – Very annoying mood, you mean.

DARCY – Well, I’m glad. We need some more enthusiasm in this house right now.

PAIGE – Speaking of enthusiasm, where’s Ryan?

ARTHUR – I believe he’s on his way here from the university.

JUSTIN – And Kevin was just finishing something at the office, so he’ll be along any minute. He and Adrian might even come together.

NELSON – And I assume Blythe will be here too?

DARCY – Yes. I wanted the whole family together. I think it’s good to do this once in a while.

ANASTASIA – I agree. And I haven’t chatted with Blythe for a while, so it’ll be good to see her.

PAIGE – I get to see her once in a while.

NELSON – Really? How is that?

PAIGE – I sometimes pick up Audrey at the studio. She’s very elegant.


PAGE – No. Well, maybe. But I mean Blythe.

NELSON – Are you sure Blythe doesn’t mind you hanging around her studio?

PAIGE – I never get in the way. I usually go over when Audrey’s getting off work, or has a break.

JOANNA – Just so long as  you don’t bother her, dear.

PAIGE – C’mon, I don’t bother anybody. Really.

JUSTIN – I don’t think anyone needs to worry. After all. Blythe is the type of person who’d be sure to let Paige know if she was getting in the way. So until she does, Paige, I’d say you’re in the clear.

ANASTASIA – Although I’d hardly say you’re an expert on Blythe, Justin.


JUSTIN – Well…no more than any of us are. Of course. Anyway, here’s some wine, Mrs. Collier. And Jaime and Paige, if you want to come over here, there’s some punch especially for you.

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