Passages Soap Opera – Cast of Characters

Search for characters by first name, as they appear in the script. Remember that these are soap opera characters, so occasionally they’ll behave more like soap characters than real-life people. 🙂

Adrian Chambers – (One of my favourites of all the characters) He and his sister, Blythe Chambers, are sort of honorary members of the Vickery family, since their father and Arthur Vickery were good friends. Adrian is a lawyer, and works in the same innovative business spin-off that Justin Hume heads for Mr. Vickery. Adrian is kind of happy-go-lucky, though he can be very serious when he needs to be.

Anastasia Vickery – She is the oldest of the four siblings in the wealthy Vickery family, the main wealthy family of the story. She has broken away from the family business to start her own art gallery, an “unimportant” business that her father, tycoon Arthur Vickery, holds in contempt. Anastasia was once married to Justin Hume, one of her father’s rising stars, but they divorced a couple of years ago. She now thinks he may be trying to spy on her for her father. Anastasia is also the manager of artist Connor Hollister, and is the best friend of restaurateur Tylor Hirsch.

Arthur Vickery – The obligatory patriarch of the wealthy family in the story. The stereotypical do-what-it-takes, hard-nosed businessman who frequently lets his drive to win get in the way of family. He and his four adult children are still coming to terms with the death of Arthur’s wife and the children’s mother, Patricia, on New Year’s Day.

Audrey Landers – High school senior who is taking an evening math course and has a part-time job as a model and helper at Chambers Design Studio (run by Blythe Chambers, a very close friend of the Vickery family) . She has aspirations to become a famous model, and thinks she’ll do it partly by social climbing, but does rather silly and calculated things to achieve her goal. Yet she’s very smart, mathematically, and would probably do much better in a physics career. She currently tutors a classmate, Ian Hollister, one evening a week.

Blythe Chambers – She and her brother, Adrian Chambers, are very close friends of the Vickery siblings, and almost honorary members of the Vickery family. Blythe owns the Chambers Design Studio, at which high school senior Audrey Landers works part-time. Blythe is an elegant, occasionally rather cool figure, but is very close and warm with her brother and others she cares about. She is, however, currently having a little fling with Justin Hume, the fiance of Darcy Vickery. She actually believes that Justin and Anastasia, his former wife, are still really in love with each other.

Connor Hollister – He is the oldest son of the other main family of the story, the Hollisters. He is an artist, whose manager is Anastasia Vickery. He has a studio on the top floor of the building whose bottom floor is the gallery she runs. Connor is gay, and is the boyfriend of Kyle Yaworski, who has not yet come out publically.

Darcy Vickery – The youngest daughter of Arthur Vickery, and the least confident and least likely to go against her father. She has been having the most difficult time dealing with the sudden death of her mother. She is engaged to Justin Hume, a man who was once married to her older sister, Anastasia Vickery.

Eric Stanley – A high school senior who works part-time at Ruminations, the vegetarian restaurant owned by Tylor Hirsch. He may be slightly older than the other seniors, and as a people-watcher, seems wise beyond his years.

Ian Hollister – He’s currently a car mechanic who dropped out of school a few years ago, but is now trying to finish his high school courses and get his diploma, so he can perhaps go to university. He has had a few run-ins with Audrey Landers, and ridicules her idea of becoming a model. But as she is tutoring him in math, they have called a truce and started getting along.

Jaime Collier – A relatively minor character, she is the youngest daughter in the Collier family, perhaps about ten or twelve years old.

Joanna Collier – She is the wife of Nelson Collier, and is a nurse at the university hospital. Therefore she knows Kyle Yaworski, who is a nurse that the hospital.

Justin Hume – A young business rising star who seems permanently attached to the Vickery family. He heads a new innovative division of Arthur Vickery’s collection of companies, was once married to the eldest Vickery daughter, Anastasia, and is now engaged to the youngest daughter, Darcy Vickery. At the moment Anastasia is angry at him because she thinks he has tried to spy on her for her father. (This is in fact untrue.) Justin is also having an affair with Blythe Chambers.

Kyle Yaworski – He is a nurse at the university hospital. He is gay, and his boyfriend is Connor Hollister the artist. Kyle, however, has not yet come out publically, and lives in deep fear of his father, a fire-and-brimstone minister. He has been spending a lot of time lately at the Ruminations vegetarian restaurant, becoming friends with its owner, Tylor Hirsch, who doesn’t know he is gay.

Nelson Collier – A doctor at the university hospital, and the brother-in-law of tycoon Arthur Vickery. His sister, Patricia, was Arthur’s wife, and Nelson and Arthur were the ones who found her on New Year’s morning when she had died in her room.

Paige Collier – A high school senior and good friend of Audrey Landers, another senior. Paige is the daughter of Nelson and Joanna Collier, making her a cousin of the Vickery siblings. She has a secret crush on Kyle Yaworski, but doesn’t know he is gay. She also recently saw Justin Hume and Blythe Chambers having lunch together, and is starting to wonder just how friendly they really are.

Tylor Hirsch – She is Anastasia Vickery’s best friend. She owns and operates a vegetarian restaurant, called Ruminations, near the university campus. She is becoming friends with and getting interested in Kyle Yaworski, a nurse at the hospital, unaware that he is gay.

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