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Goodbye Amazon



I hate hate hate empires, and those who try to build them and force people to be enslaved to them.

Therefore as of today I am starting to remove Amazon links and affliliate crap from this blog.

Have a look at the Library Thing blog, and read about how Amazon wants LT basically to be a mouthpiece for Amazon books only, and never point anyone to any other bookseller except on some secondary page somewhere. Library Thing pretty much has no option but to comply with THEIR AMAZON MASTERS because they’ve built their whole system around people being able to display cover photos provided by Amazon. They can’t destroy their own site, so they’re stuck. Amazon wins. Though LT is trying their darnedest to get around the problem as creatively as they can.

I agree with the assessment of things on the LT blog:

Together with a new request-monitoring system, banning iPhone applications that use Amazon data, and much of their work on the Kindle, Amazon is retreating from its historic commitment to simplicity, flexibility and openness. They won through openness. Their data is all over the web, and with it millions of links to Amazon. They won’t benefit from a retreat here.

Amazon believes it has enough of a monopoly now that it can rule with an iron fist and nobody has any recourse but to obey them.

Amazon has gone all corporatist insane, and I want nothing more to do with them if it’s humanly possible to avoid them. Somebody has to fight empires, no matter how inevitable they think they are.

Reason #5,861 why I will never get a Kindle, plus will always prefer paper books over ebooks



Yegods. Every day now, Amazon is up to something nasty again. It’s hard to keep up. And I’d really rather write about good stuff.

From Pogue’s Posts in the New York Times, “Some E-Books Are More Equal Than Others:”

This morning, hundreds of Amazon Kindle owners awoke to discover that books by a certain famous author had mysteriously disappeared from their e-book readers. These were books that they had bought and paid for—thought they owned.

This is simply an abomination. What happened was that the publisher changed its mind about making the book available after many people had already bought it in good faith.

1984It’s ironic, don’t you think, that the book was George Orwell’s 1984?

And ebook cheerleaders try to tell us that buying an ebook will be no different from owning a paper book??

This, my friends, is to put it bluntly a big fat lie.

Not only do you not own a book you’ve paid for — unlike with paper books — the publisher can bloody well take it back any old time they please. But hey, it’s okay. After all, they give you a refund.

As someone on the discussion thread on Amazon says, “I wonder if Amazon will sent representatives to customers’ houses to retrieve dead tree copies? Orwell fans, lock your doors!”


I had a conversation on Twitter a couple of weeks ago, with a couple of people waving the pom poms for ebooks. I asked what would happen if one’s ebook reader crashed and you lost all the books on it. Would you have to repurchase the whole lot? No, they said. The seller would have it on record that you had bought the book, and you could re-download indefinitely.

As it turns out, that’s not true either. There is a limit set by the sellers to how many times you can redownload a book you supposedly own. So yes — you do have to repurchase your whole library several times.

They said, “Well, you’d have to do the same thing if your house burned down.” But it’s funny, you know. My house burns down much less frequently than my electronic equipment crashes. So no — I don’t have to repurchase my whole library very often. Sorry.

And now, if you archive your ebooks, the publishers can now intrude into your archive and take back the books you thought you owned.

As David Pogue says,

we’ve been taught to believe that e-books are, you know, just like books, only better. Already, we’ve learned that they’re not really like books, in that once we’re finished reading them, we can’t resell or even donate them. But now we learn that all sales may not even be final.

As one of my readers noted, it’s like Barnes & Noble sneaking into our homes in the middle of the night, taking some books that we’ve been reading off our nightstands, and leaving us a check on the coffee table.

I think I’ll go have a look at my seven tall bookcases now, and maybe lean into some shelves and kiss my paper books, that actually last and don’t have to be repurchased because of changes in technology or some publisher’s or seller’s whim. I love them more every day. And nobody’s ever gonna take them away from me as easily as they can do with ebooks. Not without losing a lot of blood.

And Amazon just keeps on ticking…people off

I think I’ll be going back to using Powell’s Books and Biblio.com for my book links for a while, and maybe permanently.

Amazon Killing Mobile Apps That Use Its Data

It’s all about the money-grubbing “Mineminenotyoursgivemeyourmoney” mentality that’s turning humanity into nothing but a target market, and corporations into gods.

I spit.


Kindle: We’ll be a “target market” from womb to tomb


I felt like entitling this post, “Reason #52,482 why I prefer paper books, and don’t plan to buy a Kindle,” but I thought that might be a tad too long. I might also have been tempted to entitle it with a bunch of unprintable words…but I think I’ll forgo that enjoyment until later. I’m sure that chance will come, though. Probably sooner than anyone would want.

Have a look at this post at Slashdot, “Amazon Wants Patent for Inserting Ads into Books,” by someone named theodp. And the two pertinent patents are On-Demand Generating E-Book Content With Advertising and Incorporating Advertising in On-Demand Generated Content.

As theodp puts it,

“So what would a delightfully-tacky-yet-unrefined Hooters ad do for your Hemingway experience?”

To say this is an abomination of abominations is making it sound like a church picnic. This marketing-targetting-attacking-people-with-advertising is getting so out of hand, I doubt it will be long before they’re demanding the right to put advertisements on the insides of our eyelids so we can’t even escape their money-grubbing pocket-robbing shouting that way. What’s next — ads in the womb, to make sure they attack us with this crap from the very instant there’s any chance of registering their sell!sell!sell! in our brains?

This has got to stop. As I said to the friend who pointed this out to me, it’s deadly greedy money-sucking dehumanizing crap like this that makes me want the entire capitalist system to crash. If it means money is ALWAYS more important than human life or human values, if it means we never, ever, EVER are allowed to have peace from people who are trying to drag money out of our pockets — let it go. Let it crash. Time to start over.

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