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Teaser Tuesday – For Matrimonial Purposes


That is, I’m not doing this Teaser Tuesday for matrimonial purposes – heaven forfend! That’s the name of the book. 😀

But anyway, I’m back after a bit of a hiatus. Let’s see if I can manage not to drop out again for a while.

You probably really know the drill by now. This is a meme hosted by MizB over at the Should Be Reading blog. Go over there to see other people’s Tuesday Teasers, and leave a link to your own as well.

You take your current read and more-or-less randomly open it to a page. Take two (2) sentences from that page to quote as a teaser for the book, but being careful not to choose sentences that will give too much away.

This is a book I just grabbed, that someone had sent me. So I have no idea about how good it is, or what. But I seem, lately to be encountering books about young women from the Indian culture, and their matrimonial prospects. Must be something in the air.

Anyway, here’s my teaser, from the opening scene in Bombay, when the narrator is attending her younger cousin’s wedding:

Nina was about to become a wife in the presence of three hundred people, most of whom she had never met. I felt self-conscious standing there on the sidelines, the older, unmarried cousin, aware that people were glancing over at me – yes, to see what I was wearing, but mostly to detect any hint of pain or jealousy on my face as yet another younger cousin married.

For Matrimonial Purposes, by Kavita Daswani, p. 5

I have a feeling this is going to be entertaining. Perhaps another relatively light summer read?

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