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“The Bridge” Chapter 2

Here are the Prologue and Chapter 2 of my novel, The Bridge.

Sorry that the Prologue is coming now. When I finally opened up the story files after the disk had sat for several years in storage, I forgot to open that file for a long time. So the most recent read-and-edit was done without it, and I still forget it sometimes.

That is going to be one of my questions as the story goes along. Do I need the Prologue at all? It adds extra meaning to what goes on in Chapter 1, but it may not need to be there. What do you think?

Feel free to leave any comments in this post if you want to. Let me know what you think.

For those who commented on all those adverbs attached to speaking verbs, that won’t be amended in this chapter, but it should be better in every chapter after this one, as they go through a fresh edit before each posting.

Alrighty! Have a read, and I hope you enjoy.

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“The Bridge” – by…Me! (Chapter 1)

That’s right, everyone! I’m starting to post some chapters from my own writing, on a kind of corner of my editing and writing website, Shiny Ideas.

I’m starting with sample chapters from my YA novel, The Bridge, which I’m currently editing to try to resubmit to some agents or publishers. But in the meantime, I’m posting the chapters for all and sundry to read if they want. (I don’t believe “The Bridge” will be its final title, but it’s the best I can come up with for now.)

There will be other pieces of writing posted in that corner, including an ongoing soap opera I’ve been working on for a long time, for my own entertainment and just to see if I could do it. 🙂

Meanwhile, this novel is about a rather mousy, bookish high school girl with a very active imagination, who escapes from her boring math class by creating a fantasy world in the back of her notebook. But she finds that imagined fantasy world taking on a depth she never expected in her wildest dreams.

So without further ado, here is The Bridge – Chapter 1.

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