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Teaser Tuesday: A Version of the Truth

Teaser Tuesdays iconI haven’t done this for ages, but I’ve been getting the hankering again. For anyone who isn’t familiar with the Teaser Tuesdays hosted by MizB at the Should Be Reading book blog, here’s how it goes:

  1. Grab your current book.
  2. Open to a random page.
  3. Take two (2) sentences (and technically, that really means two, and really means sentences, not paragraphs) from that page
  4. Post those two sentences, along with the book title and page number, so interested people can find them if they want
  5. Do not post Spoilers!! That is, sentences that give away too much of the plot or some vital piece of information.

So here’s mine today, from A Version of the Truth by Jennier Kaufman and Karen Mack. It’s about a young woman who lies to get an office job at a university. And as she’s exposed to the knowledge and mind set at university, she herself begins to change and grow. So here’s the teaser (and of course I immediately break my “two sentences means TWO” rule, about which I feel surprisingly strongly; but “That’s odd” just had to be included because it was jammed in between my actual two sentences. Next time for sure!):

I feel energized, happy, almost as if I was playing hooky. That’s odd. I get the same feeling going to class that I used to when I cut it.

A Version of the Truth, p. 67

And there you have it! If you have a Teaser of your own, head on over to mention it at the Should Be Reading blog. Happy reading!

Teaser Tuesday – The Anatomy of Deception

I haven’t done this in ages, but I’m trying to lift my nose off the grindstone a bit more lately. So!

For the Tuesday Teaser, we open our current book to a more-or-less random page, and then choose two sentences from it, and post them. These serve as “teasers” to entice other people to read the book as well. And of course, we don’t include any spoilers, i.e. things which might give away essential elements of the story’s plot.

This is a book meme hosted by MizB over at the ShouldBeReading blog. That’s where everyone posts links to their own teasers, so we can all peruse them and enjoy.

So. Here are my two sentences this week:

We all grinned, grateful for the break as the Professor strode over to check Corrigan’s notes. As Simpson and I made to deposit tissue samles in specimen jars and return the removed organs to the body, I noticed her eyes on me, but her gaze flitted quickly away.

p. 17 – The Anatomy of Deception by Lawrence Goldstone

I’m about 3/4 through the book, about a mystery that needs solving by a Philadelphia doctor in 1889. There’s a bit of a Sherlock Holmes air to it, and Goldstone really captures the attitudes of the time as well.

So that’s it! Head over to the ShouldBeReading blog if you enjoy this idea, and have a look at what others are reading today.

Teaser Tuesday – Six Suspects

And once again it’s Tuesday, and time for the Tuesday Teaser, hosted by MizB at the Should Be Reading blog.

Most people probably know the drill by now, but just in case: you take the book you’re currently reading, find a random page, and post two sentences from the page, as “teasers” to interest people in reading the book. But you don’t pick any sentences that would give away something vital to the plot or that would spoil the ending.

My two sentences today are from Six Suspects, by Vikas Swarup. I didn’t realize until I got the book home from the library that this was the gentleman who wrote Slumdog Millionaire too. Anyway, here are my teaser sentences:

I will be dead in approximately six minutes. I have consumed a full bottle of Ratkill 30.

Six Suspects, page 51

(By the way, a little note, so you don’t think the book is too gruesome: that narrator survives and later becomes one of the “six suspects.”)

Now. What is teasing you lately?

Teaser Tuesday – Merlin’s Ring

Good day! Time for another Tuesday Teaser. This is the famous exercise in which we take our current read, open to a random page, and pull two  sentences from it, to use as teasers. This will help our readers decide if the book sounds interesting enough to read themselves. But we don’t take sentences that give too much of the essential plot away. In other words, NO SPOILERS!

This meme is hosted by MizB at the Should be Reading blog. Head over there today and leave a link to your own Teaser.

For mine, today I’m flying totally blind. I’m about two pages into Merlin’s ring, a book published in 1974 by Ballantine Books, as a part of the Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series. H. Warner Munn was a writer who had begun writing science fiction in 1925, and this book was the culmination and crown of his career.

It features the travels through time and history of Gwalchmai, the godson of Merlin, and Gwalchmai’s encounters with Corenice, an immortal sorceress from Atlantis, who was his beloved.

In this case, I’m going to cheat and do two small paragraphs instead of sentences.

Durandal passed through the body of the dark man like a wisp of vapor and clanged upon the throne. As it made contact, everything changed. Like a bursting bubble, the surrounding phantasms passed away.

The pillars of the hall were once more broad-branched trees. Mist hung again above them and the furnishings were gone. All this in the time in which the sword continued on and struck sparks once more from the boulder upon which dying Roland had sought to shatter it.

Merlin’s ring, p. 170

Already this appears to be in a sort of old-style type of fantasy. I’m looking forward to reading more, and getting back into that older view.

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