TBR List

These are books I encounter on my forays both through the book blogosphere, where my fellow book bloggers describe them so well that I really, really want to read them.

May 31, 2009

  1. Land of Marvels – Barry Unsworth (thanks to Carrie at Books and Movies)
  2. The Labyrinth Gate – Alis Rasmussen (from Melanie at The Indextrious Reader)
  3. Mating Rituals of the North American Wasp (from Joanne at The Book Zombie)
  4. The Glassblower of Murano by Marina Fiorato (thanks to Lisa at Minds Alive on the Shelves)

July 5, 2009

  1. Songs of Blue and Gold – Deborah Lawrenson (thanks to Harvee at Book Bird Dog)
  2. Rosemary and Rue – Seanan McGuire (Joanne’s review at The Book Zombie made me very excited)

November 29, 2009

  1. The Wildest Heart – Rosemary Rogers (thanks to Nicola at Alpha Heroes)
  2. Blood and Groom – Jill Edmondson (thanks to Book Bird Dog blog)

December 13, 2009

  1. The Blythes are Quoted, ed. L.M. Montgomery
  2. Proust and the Squid by Maryanne Wolf
  3. The Story Species: Our Life-Literature Connection by Joseph Gold
  4. The Alphabet Versus the Goddess: the Conflict Between Word and Image by Leonard Shlain [read online] (all of these books thanks to Melanie at the Indextrious Reader blog)

January 26, 2010

  1. The Oxford Book of Modern Science Writing, ed. Richard Dawkins. (recommended by Graham at his Graham Storrs website)

March 7, 2010

  1. The Secret Ministry of Frost, by Nick Lake (reviewed wonderfully by Kiirstin at the A Book a Week blog)
  2. You Grow Girl, by Gayla Trail (also found today at Kiirstin’s A Book a Week blog – I’m getting a windfall today!)

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